Take Your Operation's Commitment to Safety to New Heights with the CMC 75i

May 3, 2024
Features & Advantages

The CMC 75i is a uniquely versatile dielectrically insulated tracked lift that provides users with the greatest degree of functionality and safety available on the market today. Rated up to 46kV and with a working height of 75 ft., it is the world’s only such lift capable of both working directly from the rear of an under-CDL truck chassis, or operating independently as a self-propelled tracked lift when unloaded from the truck.

Utility infrastructure in and around the crowns of trees represents a very real – and potentially lethal – hazard to arborists, repair workers, and construction personnel. Safe for use in line clearing for electric companies, tree care companies, contractors, and utility companies, the dielectrically insulated CMC 75i represents a next-level solution for any number of applications in challenging and potentially dangerous areas of access. 

Lightweight (6.2 PSI max track pressure), the 75i safeguards against potential damage to landscaping, concrete, or other ground surfaces. Additionally, a hydraulically adjustable track system supplies advanced slope control and climbing capability, while automatic chassis self-leveling allows for setup on uneven terrain of up to 19° or 42" in a matter of seconds. 

The CMC 75i easily self-loads onto an under-CDL truck chassis, or can be secured on a trailer for a variety of transport options maximizing ease of transport. Radio remote controls enable operation of the CMC 75i from either the platform or wirelessly, facilitating navigation through areas as narrow as 36 in. wide, saving both time and effort on complex projects. Lastly, adding the optional high-flow hydraulic tool outlet further elevates overall potential performance capabilities.

Adaptable, easy-to-transport, powerful, and boasting security features that expedite line clearing in the tightest of spots, the CMC 75i provides an innovative answer to a safety concern expressed by many users.

CMC 75i:

  • Max. working height: 75 ft.
  • Max./ lateral reach: 32 ft.
  • Max. basket load capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Basket rotation: +/-90° 
  • Max. slope to stabilize: 19° (34%)
  • Total weight: 8,664 lbs.


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