Safely Navigate Potentially Hazardous Work Sites with the CMC 75i

June 25, 2024

With primary-line voltages atop utility poles typically rated at 12kV or more (100x normal household current), it’s essential to mitigate the significant risk represented by this power distribution system (that commonly runs along roads and through backyards – where trees and wires often come into contact with, and present danger to, workers). As per the Electrical Safety Foundation, “84% of tree trimming workplace electrical fatalities occurred from contact with overhead power lines.” 

Safe for use in line clearing for arbor care professionals, electric companies, contractors, and utility companies, the dielectrically insulated CMC 75i is a next-level solution for a variety of applications in challenging and potentially risky areas of access.

Rated up to 46kV and with a working height of 75 ft., it is the world’s only spider lift capable of both working directly from the rear of an under-CDL truck chassis, or operating independently as a self-propelled tracked lift when unloaded from the truck.

Efficient, easy-to-transport, and equipped with features that safely facilitate line clearing even in the most cramped of working areas, the CMC 75i represents the apex of tracked lift technology available today. 

Read more from the Electrical Safety Foundation on the importance of using the proper equipment and adhering to responsible workplace protocols around high voltage power lines by clicking here.

CMC 75i:

  • Max. working height: 75 ft.
  • Max. lateral reach: 32 ft.
  • Max. basket load capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Basket rotation: +/-90° 
  • Max. slope to stabilize: 19° (34%)
  • Total weight: 8,664 lbs.


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