Tackle any building
job with the Light Duty Series

Increase your productivity, versatility, and safety with the Light Duty Series

With a multi-position compact footprint, the Light Duty CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts are capable of going where other lifts cannot, and setting up on job sites otherwise inaccessible with traditional lift solutions. The Light Duty Series provides the ultimate efficiency in one compact package, greatly increasing production, versatility, and above all, safety.

Reach new heights

The CMC Light Duty tracked lift models were designed to feature the maximum working height and side reach as possible. Reach windows, light bulbs, gutters, facades and more from a single setup thanks to impressive vertical & lateral reach combined with turret rotation.

120V Plug-in electric motors

When equipped with the 120V plug-in electric motor, the light duty series is capable of working indoors and outdoors off electric power. This reduces noise, emissions, and gives you more versatility tackling jobs and in the field.

aerial lift electric motor

Deploy on uneven terrain.

More than half the time, you will be working on terrain that is not flat. In most scenarios, you would never be able to get the job done with a traditional bucket truck setup. With a CMC Tracked Aerial Lift, deploy the outriggers on unlevel ground and level the machine in just seconds.

CMC 50L track lift slope setup

Climb slopes and stairs.

The Earth is not flat and every job site is different. Our tracked lifts were designed to climb slopes with ease, even our light duty series, thanks to the powerful and extendable track drive system.

CMC 50L climbing a step with ramps

Compact outrigger footprints

The Light Duty Series all come equipped with compact footprints. The narrow footprint provides access and setup in the tightest of quarters.

compact foorptint lift

Access jobsites you previously could not

Our Light Duty Tracked Aerial Lifts are designed to fit in the tightest jobsites. At just 35" wide, our lifts will enter backyard gates and pathways with ease.

Light Duty models

Our Light Duty models range from 50 ft working height, up to 75 ft. If you need more working height, check out all of our other models.


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