Optimize Your Investment with a Tracked Lift Truck Mount

Tracked Lift Truck Mount

All Access Equipment’s Tracked Lift Truck Mounts allow CMC Arbor Pro® models to operate as both self-propelled lifts and rear-mount forestry bucket trucks/rear-mount aerial lifts. This versatile hybrid functionality maximizes the value and efficiency of your existing equipment, while simultaneously eliminating additional investment and upkeep costs.

A CMC truck-mounted lift can self-unload from the truck chassis via automatic outriggers, drive through a 36” gate in seconds, self-level on sloped locations, and then safely reach up to 100 ft in height in less than three minutes.

Special Features

Two Lifts for the Price of One

All Access Equipment/CMC developed a new truck mount system system that allows CMC Tracked Lifts to operate as both a self-propelled lift that can drive through a 36” gate and also operate as a rear-mount forestry bucket truck/rear-mount aerial lift, on an UNDER CDL truck such as a Ford F550/F600. Providing a practical  and cost effective , TWO LIFTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE SOLUTION for contractors that need more versatility from versatility from their equipment.

Working Heights up to 100 ft

When paired with our patent-pending Truck Mount Kit, CMC aerial lifts of up to 100 ft. working-height can now be easily transported and then self-loaded/unloaded, or operated directly from the deck of an under-CDL truck chassis similar to a rear-mount bucket truck.

This represents a practical and versatile solution that maximizes efficiency, saves time, and enhances productivity. By adopting this trdeck system, the operator always stays on the ground and never has to climb dangerous steps or perform work on top of an unguarded cab with no safety handrails.

Exceeds OSHA & DOT Safety Standards

The patented Tracked Lift Truck Mount design was refined to be lighter and simpler – and priced at a fraction of the cost of multi-component equipment. This certified and proven system meets and exceeds both OSHA and DOT safety standards, by also providing a new and safer way to enter an aerial work platform without the need to climb up/down on top of a truck, including unprotected cab guards.

(#63424094 20221109 and #63357126 20220630 patent pending for both the U.S. and Canada)


10,000 lbs
Total Towing
16 ft
Deck Length
(Upgrade to 22 ft)
Deck Width
Up to 100 ft
Working Height from
Truck Mount


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