Introducing the NEW CMC 90HD+ and 100HD+ Arbor Pro models.

January 10, 2023

CMC Lift and All Access Equipment are excited to announce the introduction of the ALL NEW CMC 90HD+ Arbor Pro and 100HD+ Arbor Pro models. These two new high performance models bring the next evolution of Arbor Pro Technology. Both of these new models are built on the same platform as the industry leading CMC 83HD+ and 92HD+ with some new changes and redesigned components.

The CMC 90HD+ Arbor Pro features up to 90 ft working height, and an upgraded lateral outreach of up to 50' 6" (175 lbs).

The CMC 100HD+ Arbor Pro features up to 100 ft working height, and has an upgraded lateral outreach of up to 50' 6" (176 lbs).

The new models feature exciting changes such as:

  • A new boom design that is stronger, more rugged, and provides more lateral outreach
  • Quick connect hydraulic lines for easy maintenance. They are fast to replace and are more reliable.

In the coming months, the 90HD+ will replace the 83HD+, and the 100HD+ will replace the 92HD+.

For roughly the same price as their predecessors, the two new Arbor Pro models bring more height and more reach, for the same price as their predecessors.

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