CMC Lifts Enjoy Unrivaled Control with Advanced 2-Joystick Control Stations and Turbo Hydraulics

April 15, 2024
Feature Highlight

“We absolutely love the joystick controls. [They’ve been] by far the best spider lift controls that I’ve seen and used,” says Chris Welch, owner/operator of Notch Your Average Tree Service in Marion, MA, when discussing the 2-joystick control stations included with many of today’s CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts. These controls offer a huge advantage over alternative options available in competing product, enhancing overall efficiency, productivity, and safety.

Welch singles out the 2-joystick station’s ability to allow an operator to perform multiple functions simultaneously as a significant operational benefit: “Not having to constantly turn, stop what you’re doing to look at those controls, is definitely a game-changer. The two joysticks also allow you to run multiple functions. Being able to roll from side to side and up and down, all in the same motion, is definitely a much smoother operation… much more productive, overall.”

The 2-joystick controls also allow for single-handed operation, providing the capability to make small precise movements without taking your eyes off the work. The lift operator can simultaneously telescope booms, rotate the lift’s turret, and articulate booms – all of which is achieved via simple, intuitive manual controls. Of course, “efficiency” is dependent on “speed,” and CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts more than deliver on that front. In addition to possessing the fastest track drive in the industry, CMC’s turbo hydraulics allow you to perform all three of the functions mentioned above at full speed. Our hydraulics are, simply-put, the best available on the market, and the systems installed are all solid-state, designed to last the life of the machine.

Andrew Lobel, owner/operator of Peabody MA’s Lobel Tree Service, is another respected arborist who greatly appreciates the efficiency and speed that the basket-mounted 2-joystick platform control station provides him while on a job. “What I really like about this lift is [that] you can drive it from the basket,” he says. “I can fold it up from the basket, I can drive it from the basket, and I can set myself right back up again and keep working.”

Hey, the man is on a roll, so let’s give Andrew the last word on the upsides of the CMC 2-joystick control stations: “Having all your functions at your fingertips –  it’s intuitive. When you can get the joysticks and grab it and go, you can do whatever you need to do, real smooth-like. The joysticks are excellent. They’re probably the best thing about this machine, compared with other units.” 


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