Turn-Key Tracked Lift Trailer

tracked lift trailer


While tracked equipment solves many travel problems, rubber tracks create new ones, especially when it comes to everyday challenges such as mud, snow, and ice. Rubber tracks are excellent at dispersing weight over a wide area providing minimal ground pressure. This trailer, now in the 8th revision, has been upgraded with excellence in mind to address and solve tracked equipment issues.

  • Ice, Mud, and Snow: Once you drive over snow on a flat surface, it instantly turns to ice. This creates an extremely dangerous work environment with the possibility of a heavy machine sliding out of control. Mud also acts the same way if there is any sort of slope on the deck of a trailer, equipment can slide out of control and cause much equipment damage, which can cost you thousands of dollars.
  • To address this common rubber-tracked machine problem, our custom trailer comes equipped with an exclusive mesh floor, which makes it much safer to load/unload equipment equipped with rubber tracks. While our trailer may cost slightly higher initially, with all the special and nifty versatile features in the long term, it is a much better value.


  • A properly balanced trailer allows safer equipment towing even at average highway speed. Most equipment trailers are NOT designed with speed in mind and cannot be safely towed much above 35 mph with a pickup truck.
  • 12,000 GVWR trailer strategically designed strong, yet it is ultra-lightweight (only #2,050 lbs) to minimize dead weight.
  • The design allows for universal equipment-carrying capability with a large variety of towing vehicles. Exclusive ultra-low deck (12" - 14" height) for fast, easy, and safe lift loading.
  • Similar competitor trailers weigh 3,200 lbs to as much as 3,700 lbs and some even more, with deck heights of up to 32",  which require the trailer to be even longer and heavier in order to load/unload equipment and may require a CLASS A CDL license.
  • (2) Long-life dual 6,000 lbs Dexter Axles, equipped with end cap grease fittings and self-adjusting brakes.
  • (4) Heavy duty 16"  ST235/80R 16" Radial 10-ply tires mounted on white spoke steel 6 bolt rims ( bright aluminum wheels optional), provide the best ride.
  • "Walking beam "load equalizer suspension with steel springs and grease fittings, provide a better and safer ride than standard rubber torsion axles, providing less tire wear and longer component life - which means fewer maintenance expenses. 
  • Engineered trailer suspension provides a better and softer, more managed equipment ride, preventing equipment damage caused by too stiff a suspension during travel.
  • (2) Lightweight but strong 8,000 lbs capacity (each) aluminum 72" flip-up ramps, are so light you can lift them up with one finger. They are easily adjustable, equipped with a quick spring-loaded lock pin, and fast, easy to deploy, and use. Individual ramp design prevents " tilt trailer deck racking", a common and non-fixable tilt deck style trailer problem. Once a tilt deck trailer deck is bent, it can never be repaired.
  • The removable 1 1/2 round pipe ramp attachment system, keeps ramps secure during loading/unloading, but allows quick ramp removal for versatile short wall climbing.
  • (1) Heavy duty 10,000 lbs "dual pin trailer jack", with speed handle, is the easiest, safest and fastest trailer jack in the market, strong enough to even lift the rear end of a pickup truck along with trailer in an emergency, yet it is fast and easy to deploy and use, without ever having to kneel down in the rain, snow or mud.
  • Heavy-duty diamond plate fenders, equipped with corner steps, provide secure and safe stepping surfaces.
  • (2) Fast-deploying rear trailer adjustable stabilizer jacks, provide additional redundant safety and stability in case the trailer is not connected to a vehicle or needs trailer tire service.
  • (4) Tie down "D " rings
  • (2) On-board safety chock blocks with storage pockets, meet and exceed DOT requirements.
  • (2) Double chain tray with water drain.
  • (2) Plated safety chains with hooks and lock snaps
  • (1) On-board clear registration storage case, provides a storage solution for trailer documentation.
  • Trailer black paint preparation includes: Wash and clean steel, Priming, Powder Coated, and baked for best durability. This trailer will look great for years to come, with no rust streaks like painted trailers.

Electrical system:

  • Long-life LED lights
  • High-placed stop/turn/tail lights/license plate holder, are more visible and prevents light assembly damage  
  • Sealed RV-style trailer plug  
  • Sealed  and protected electrical wiring harness
  • Emergency breakaway switch with coiled visible red cable keeps this safety cable from being damaged and provides visual verification for the daily required DOT pre-trip safety circle check inspection for your documentation.
  • Emergency backup battery, with triple LED condition light, provides constant battery condition, provides quick visual working verification confirmation for your daily required DOT pre-trip circle safety inspection to log on your documentation.
  • The trailer plug "park" station prevents trailer plug contamination from dirt and water.

Conclusion: This advanced and smart, well-engineered trailer is built with many safety, and versatile features, is ergonomically designed with the operator in mind, reduces wasted time loading/unloading equipment, provides the best balance of quality, nifty features, and long-term value, better than any other open deck trailer available in the world.

Standard Features

  • Two 6,000 lbs capacity torsion axles
  • Load equalizer suspension
  • Electric brakes both axles
  • 12,000 GVWR Trailer (can be de-rated to 9,990 lbs GVWR to meet DOT rules)
  • Skid proof heavy duty fenders
  • Heavy duty non-skid mesh deck
  • Overall length: 21’
  • Deck length: 10’ 3”
  • Heavy duty 10,000 lb (20,000 lbs static load) quick release dual pin jack
  • Two fast deploying rear stabilizer jacks
  • 16” Heavy duty ST235/80R radial ply tires mounted on white spoke steel 6 bolt rims
  • 2 5/16” ball coupler or pintle hitch - CHOOSE ONE
  • 5/16” safety chains & safety snap hooks
  • Safety breakaway switch & lanyard
  • Emergency breakaway backup battery with LED charge indicator
  • 72” long lightweight aluminum ramps, (8,000 lb capacity each) for easy loading equipped with spring loaded lock pins
  • Sealed RV style trailer plug
  • Long life LED lights
  • Extra long tongue to prevent lift collision with towing vehicle
  • Black finish
  • 2 mounted chock blocks
  • Clear registration container
  • Greaseable axles with dust caps
  • 4 “D” load-tie-down rings
  • DOT reflective safety tape
  • Dead axle weight: 2,050 lbs
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