Increase your productivity, versatility, and safety with A CMC Lift

Our CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts provide more efficiency to municipalities than any other lift. CMC spider style aerial lifts are the new generation which can replace boom lifts, scissor lifts, and a bucket truck with ONE more versatile lift.

CMC Tracked Lifts can be utilized both indoors & outdoors, across many different departments. You can use the same lift for the Building Maintenance department, School Department, Parks & Recreation Department, Tree Department, Cemetery Department, and more.


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School auditoriums

A CMC Tracked Lift can work both indoors and outdoors to service difficult to reach high ceilings such as auditoriums with sloped floors, fixed row theater seating chairs, narrow egress doors and aisles, create particularly challenging maintenance work access for auditorium relamping, painting, servicing fire and smoke detectors and dusty air conditioning ducts.

difficult access liftauditorium aerial lift

Exterior buildings

The same tracked lift servicing auditoriums can also work outdoors perfectly level on slopes to service the exterior of buildings, windows, gutters and roofing, then also serve as a bucket truck for street trees, parks and cemeteries.

60L building maintenancebuilding maintenance aerial lift

Airports, gymnasiums, and more.

Gymnasiums with delicate wood flooring, atriums with marble, granite tile, carpet or heated floors cannot support heavy boom lifts without being damaged.

Atlanta airport aerial lifttracked lift for airport maintenance, Atlanta airportatrium spider liftatrium aerial lift
Further your versatility

Truck mount your lift

Many of our models have the additional unique advantage of being able to operate not only as a regular self-propelled lift, but also the capability to operate also as a rear mount bucket truck/rear mount aerial lift, an additional value. Two lifts for the price of one.

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