2518 Apache Drum (18in)

J.P. Carlton’s newest series in Drum Style Chippers- The Apaches. The 2518 features a massive 25-inch by 18-inch opening combined with a 37-inch diameter pocketed drum, allowing it to easily consume the largest trees. Aggressive feeding is handled by a dual pump hydraulic system controlled by a digital reversing autofeed system. The J.P. Carlton Apache series uses an exclusive long pivot arm for the 15¾” diameter top feed wheel. This long arm pivot gives the top feed wheel a smooth vertical lift path, allowing for easy opening over the largest butt ends. The Apache series also incorporates an exclusive Air Vortex Control to channel and accelerate discharge air, giving the Apache series high discharge velocities and great chip throwing power.

The J.P. Carlton 2518 is designed and built to stand up in the toughest applications, able to withstand all the punishment you and your crew can dish out. From its high capacity axles and tires, to its heavy-duty frame, back to the rigid 1/4″ feed table, the 2518 is built right. J.P. Carlton understands the environment the 2518 must survive in everyday. Thoughtful design elements like concealed wiring, integrated single manifold hydraulics with electronic control, and dual lift cylinders enhance performance and improve crew productivity. For Performance, Durability and Dependability nothing compares to J.P. Carlton.

  • Oversized 37″ Diameter Chipping Drum cuts down and forward on the material. Cutting with the grain minimizes the horsepower required, while giving the smoothest chipping action and best discharge possible.
  • Three Feed Motors working on independent circuits provide extreme pulling power.
  • LED Taillights mounted high on the infeed out of harm’s way. The 2518’s taillights have heavy-duty covers for extra protection. All the wiring runs inside the frame to give the machine neater appearance and keep wires clear of damage.
  • 64″ Wide Infeed Chute takes the big tops and requires less trimming by the crew.
  • Rigid Infeed Table resists bending under the day-to-day stresses of chipping the largest logs. This heavy-duty feed table is framed in tubing for even more added strength.
  • Dual Lift Cylinders provide crushing power when necessary and allow easy access to the anvil. Mounting these dual lift cylinders low on the sides allows for a full 360-degree chute rotation.
  • Access Steps on both sides aid in routine cleaning and maintenance.
  • Tandem Hydraulic System provides hydraulic fluid independently to each feed wheel. This system ensures the most power at all times to the feed system. By running this system directly off the engine, all hydraulic functions are available without engaging the drum.
  • Optional Hydraulic Winch gets the big material to the chipper.
  • Heavy-Duty 1½″ Feeder Bar
  • Hand Crank Swivel Discharge quickly and easily allows the operator to fill the largest capacity chip trucks corner to corner, or direct the chips to a precise place on the lot.
  • Hand Crank Height Adjustable Discharge Chute allows the operator to quickly adjust the discharge perfectly for any truck.
  • Kevlar Construction Belts carry more horsepower with less stretch, lowering maintenance costs and prolonging belt life.
  • Extended Frame supports the infeed table for added strength
  • Massive 25″ x 18″ Throat Opening is the largest in its class and easily handles the largest tops.

Power Options:

2518B: 140 Horsepower John Deere 4 Cylinder Turbo Chaged Diesel T4 with def tank

2518E: 165 Horsepower Ford 6 Cylinder Gas

2518C: 173 Horsepower John Deere 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged Diesel T4 with def tank



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