2012 Series (12in)

J.P. Carlton offers a variety of 12-inch chipper models to tackle almost any project.

The J.P. Carlton Model 2012 wood chipper incorporates numerous standard features found only as options on competitive machines. Standard features like live hydraulics, dual lift cylinders, reversing auto feed, Kevlar belts and Dupont Imron paint, put the 2012 in a class by itself. High horsepower diesel engines, a 20-by 12-inch throat opening and a 64-inch wide infeed give the J.P. Carlton 2012 massive capacity. Plus J.P. Carlton wood chippers are built to the highest standards providing contractors the operation and reliability they need.

  • LED Taillights mounted high on the infeed out of harms way. All J.P. Carlton chippers come with heavy duty taillight covers as standard equipment . All the wiring runs inside the frame to give the machine a neater appearance and keep wires clear of damage.
  • Heavy Duty Planetary Winch with cable and choker is an option on all J.P. Carlton Chippers. This planetary winch has two speeds and the strongest pulling power available on a chipper.
  • Hand Crank Swivel Discharge Chute allows the operator to easily fill the truck corner to corner, or easily direct the chips to a precise place on the lot.
  • Standard Hydraulic Cooler keeps the system running at ideal temperature. This increases both performance and component life.
  • Hand Crank Height Adjustable Discharge Chute allows the operator to quickly adjust the discharge perfectly for any truck.
  • Heavy-Duty 1 ½” Feeder Bar
  • 20″x 12″ Throat Opening, largest in its class, easily handles the most difficult materials.
  • 64″ Wide Infeed Chute takes the big tops, requires less trimming by the crew! A 48″ Wide Chute is available when a more compact chipper is desired.
  • Live Hydraulics run directly off the engine allowing the operator to engage all hydraulic functions without the disk being engaged.
  • Engine Options include Kubota 116 HP and GM 135 HP. These arborist engine packages are specifically designed for use on a chipper and include heavy-duty radiator screens, live hydraulic pump hook ups, locking side panels, and easy access to filters and fluids.
  • Heavy-Duty Infeed Table and Folding Tray.
  • Locking Fuel and Hydraulic Tanks sit down in the frame for maximum capacity and a clean design.

Power Options:

2012G: 140 Horsepower John Deere 4 Cylinder Turbo Charged Diesel T4 with def tank



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