1712 Apache Drum (12in)

The J.P. Carlton 1712 Apache Drum Chipper is the smallest capacity chipper in the Apache series. The 1712 Apache features a 17″ by 12″ opening utilizing a single oversized feed wheel to handle the material. This single feed wheel and drum cutting action allow the 1712 to handle the hard to feed fibrous materials like palm fronds. J.P. Carlton’s exclusive Air Vortex Control channel’s and accelerates the discharge air – making sure to get the material out of the chipper and into the truck.

The J.P. Carlton 1712 Apache comes standard with a Kubota Diesel Engine, live hydraulics, hydraulic lift and crush cylinder, and digital adjustable autofeed control.

With the most standard features, solid construction, and superior performance – the J.P. Carlton 1712 Apache is the easy choice when considering a 12″ capacity drum chipper.

  • Massive 15 3/4″ Feed Wheel pulls in the logs and brush with ease
  • Two Hydraulic Feed Motors provide high torque to pull in entire tops
  • Hydraulic Lift and Crush Cylinder provides crushing power when necessary and allows easy access to the anvil
  • Kubota Turbo Diesel gives reliable long lasting efficient power
  • Digital Adjustable Autofeed controls the feed of the material into the drum minimizing operator intervention
  • Live Hydraulics run directly off the engine allowing all hydraulics to function without the drum engaged
  • Spring and Rubber Mounted Tanks are isolated from the vibrations created during chipping and towing
  • Variable Feed Rate allows the operator to slow down the feed when desired

Power Options:

1712D: 74 Horsepower Kohler 4 Cylinder Liquid Cooled Turbo Charged KDI Diesel

1712DA: 74 Horsepower Kohler 4 Cylinder Liquid Cooled Turbo Charged Diesel



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