1260 Series (6in)

The J.P. Carlton 1260 Wood Chipper is an extremely versatile machine. The 1260 is the perfect answer for trimming and pruning crews who aren’t doing the large takedowns, or for crews who load or split their big wood. With its 12″ x 6″ throat opening, dual top and bottom feed rollers, and high torque feed motors, the J.P. Carlton 1260 will out perform any other 6″ capacity machine on the market.

The J.P. Carlton 1260 is designed and built to go out and chip every day. The heavy duty construction of the J.P. Carlton 1260 makes it an ideal rental chipper, able to withstand all the punishment customers can dish out. From its high capacity axle and tires, to its heavy-duty frame the 1260 is built right. J.P. Carlton understands the environment the 1260 must survive in every day. Thoughtful design elements like concealed wiring, integrated manifold hydraulics with electronic control, sliding engine disk engagement, keep the 1260 operating at peak performance year after year. For Durability and Dependability nothing compares to J.P. Carlton.

  • Led Taillights mounted high on the infeed out of harms way. The 1260’s taillights have heavy duty covers for extra protection. All the wiring runs inside the frame to give the machine a neater appearance and keep wires clear of damage.
  • Engine Slide System disengages the engine from the cutter disk. This allows the engine to run without spinning the disk. This system also aids at startup by allowing the engine to spin without the turning the disk, minimizing wear to the starter and allowing the engine to crank over easier and at higher speeds.
  • Imron Paint is applied over an epoxy primer after the surface has been media blasted. This finish is then baked on to give a beautiful lasting finish which resists both corrosion and nicks.
  • Heavy Duty 1 ½ ” Feeder Bar
  • 12″ x 6″ Feed Opening makes feeding the bigger branches and limb material easy.
  • Heavy Duty 2,000 pound capacity tongue jack
  • Folding Feed Table
  • Swivel Discharge quickly and easily allows the operator to fill chip trucks corner to corner, or direct the chips to a precise place on the lot.
  • Locking Fuel and Hydraulic Tanks are sleekly designed to fit neatly within the confines of the frame. Locking caps prevent vandalism.
  • Also Available with Two Speed Four Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Undercarriage.

Power Options:

1260: 35 Horsepower Vanguard Big Block V Twin

1260EFI: 37 Horsepower Vanguard Big Block V Twin EFI

1260F: 40 Horsepower Vanguard Big Block V Twin EFI



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