Stop-Use Bulletin from CMC - FAQ

CMC Stop-Use Bulletin: CMC Safety Notice SB2021001

Current status: Completed

Our records indicate that all machines have been updated per the CMC safety notice SB2021001 except for the serial numbers listed below:

Per ANSI A92.22-2018 S5.4 until this retrofit is complete, these two machines will not pass an annual safety inspection.

ANSI A92.22-2018 S5.4:
5.4 Annual Inspection 

"5.4.1 Owners shall ensure an annual inspection is performed no later than thirteen (13) months from the date of the prior annual inspection. The inspection shall be performed by a person qualified to inspect the specific make and model of MEWP. The inspection shall include all items included in the frequent inspection( see 5.3.3) plus items specified by the manufacturer for an annual inspection, to include manufacturer's bulletins. The inspection shall verify that the MEWP is registered with the MEWP manufacturer and that any open safety-related bulletins are addressed as part of the inspection. The MEWP shall not be placed back into service until all malfunctions and problems identified in the inspection have been corrected. 

5.4.2 The owner shall maintain on the MEWP a means, as provided by the manufacturer, to identify the date the last annual inspection was performed and the interval at which annual inspections are required. © 2018 SAIA – All Rights Reserved"

If you are no longer the owner of one of these serial numbers listed above, or have purchased one of these machines, please contact our 2021 Retrofit hotline at or 1-888-831-0398.

If you have sold your machine to someone else, please fill out our Change of Ownership form.