Secure and Easy Transport Solutions from All Access Equipment

June 20, 2024

We’re proud to offer a selection of efficient and innovative transport solutions for CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts, each of which successfully address a variety of mobility preferences and needs.

Custom Dual Axle Steel Trailer

All Access Equipment's Custom B-Wise Dual Axle Steel Trailer

Our Custom B-Wise Dual Axle Steel Trailer represents a sturdy, versatile, and rental-friendly means of conveyance. Outfitted with a universal RV-style trailer plug and featuring easily adjustable hitch height, the trailer is compatible with any standard pickup truck, allowing CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts to be easily delivered to work sites without additional qualifications, such as a commercial driver’s license. 

Long Aluminum Ramps

Long aluminum ramps make it simple to load CMC lifts as well as other equipment onto the trailer safely and quickly. Crafted with two 6,000 lb. capacity torsion axles, this trailer can be derated to 9,990 lbs. GVWR in order to meet or exceed DOT rules and regulations. Additionally, this trailer is equipped with electric, self-adjusting brakes for both axles, further enhancing safe and easy operation.

Heavy-duty capacity paired with lightweight construction make the custom B-Wise Dual Axle Steel Trailer a fast and hassle-free transport option for both owners of CMC Tracked Aerial Lifts and rental customers.

All Access Equipment Tracked Lift Truck Mount

Truck Mount Upfits

Meanwhile, All Access Equipment’s patent pending Tracked Lift Truck Mount & Transport Deck allows CMC Arbor Pro® models to be used as either self-propelled lifts or rear-mount forestry bucket trucks/rear-mount aerial lifts. This versatile hybrid is the definition of optimized ROI: functionality that maximizes the value and efficiency of your existing equipment, while simultaneously eliminating additional purchase and upkeep expenses.

When matched to our proprietary Truck Mount Kit, CMC aerial lifts of up to 100 ft. working-height can now be easily transported and then self-loaded/unloaded, or operated directly from the deck of an under-CDL truck chassis similar to a rear-mount bucket truck. This represents a practical solution that maximizes cost-effectiveness, saves time, and enhances productivity. By adopting this deck system, the operator always remains on the ground and never has to climb dangerous steps or perform work on top of an unguarded cab with no safety handrails. A CMC truck-mounted lift can self-unload from the truck chassis via automatic outriggers, drive through a 36” gate in a matter of seconds, self-level on sloped terrain, and then safely reach up to 100 ft. in height in less than three minutes.

All Access Equipment’s Tracked Lift Truck Mounts and B-Wise Dual Axle Steel Trailer are already the CMC aerial lift transport solution of choice for tree care companies, rental centers, contractors, and utility workers across North America. These products represent the most efficient methods of conveyance that bring their business’ levels of safety and efficiency to new heights – literally!


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