Under CDL Custom Log Grapple Truck Mount

This is a seriously capable log truck and tracked lift carrier that is easy to drive. Equipped with a very powerful 310 HP V8 Chevy engine, this truck moves fast even with a full load. The remote control grapple is easy to learn to use and operate.


Ever wish there was a versatile work truck that makes sense and could replace up to 4 vehicles with one more practical, easy to drive and affordable truck?

We have developed a new vehicle with all of the above features:
Function as a very capable and easy to use mini log truck complete with radio remote controls with up to 3500 lift capacity
Grapple is equipped with radio remote controls, which can also be used to load brush and logs into chippers.
Spider lift carrier up for up to 92 ft working height lifts capable of self loading/unloading
Allows spider lifts to be operated from the rear of the truck like a rear mount bucket truck
Tow a trailer with the stand behind/skid steer
Easy to drive with extraordinary visibility and maneuverability in tight places
Does not require a CDL (Commercial Driver's license)
Carry up to 9500 lbs of logs or a self loading spider lift
Very affordable and not cost $400,000.00 like a full fledged log truck

Today nearly every tree company runs around with monster chippers that chip everything as much as 20" and some even more.
At the end of the day, most tree companies wind up with only a handful of logs, hence the monster log truck, while nice to have, is no longer needed as much.


FASSI articulating/telescopic M20A-13 (completely folds and stores behind cab)
Up to 3527 lbs maximum load capacity
Fixed ground control station with telescopic outriggers
Proportional soft radio remote controls
BRANCH MANAGER 52" opening bypass grapple, hydraulically continuous rotation powered
Heavy duty HOT SHIFT PTO bolted to Allison transmission

Versatile convertible combination log bunks/lift carry deck/work directly from truck deck, heavy duty tow package/ICC bumper, receiver tube
Rear plate equipped with D rings and back up camera

2022 Isuzu model NRR. 19,500 GVW, equipped with 310 HP Chevy gas engine
Heavy duty Allison 6 speed Automatic transmission
19.5" tires
Air conditioning
Power windows
Power door locks
Tilt/telescopic steering wheel
Remote key/start
Hands free phone, AM/FM/Satellite radio with 8" screen
Color backup camera
Remote control heated mirrors (both main head and convex mirrors are powered and controllable from drivers seat).
Suspension driver's seat
Cloth covered seats
Approximately 7,700 trade show miles. Never commercially used.

Overall view:
Although this truck may appear small in appearance, this is a seriously capable log truck, that is easy to drive, equipped with a very powerful 310 HP V8 Chevy engine. This truck moves fast even with a full load. The remote control grapple is easy to learn to use and operate. The ability to use the truck for multiple applications makes this complete package particularly attractive, reducing operational costs, maintenance costs, labor costs and financing costs.


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